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The Robert Burns Dinner

Robert Burns Dinner 2021

NWFS annual Robert Burns Dinner

Maybe you’ve attended one of the Robert Burns Dinners we’ve held over the past 10 years. If so, you know what a fun and fantastic event it is.

The 2021 event will be no different – fun and fantastic. We’re creating a more interactive event that will engage our food and wine partners and celebrate the birthday of Scotland’s favorite son.

Stay Tuned! On Pause Due to COVID-19

Check back for location and ticket info.

The Restaurant Reboot Program

The NW&FS is excited to announce Restaurant Reboot Grants to help local establishments get up and going again. We’ll donate $10,000 and award five locally-owned restaurants up to $2,000 each, money desperately needed for the reopening process – purchase of staple supplies, employee incentives, marketing, advertising…
Will you help us support more local restaurants? Your tax-deductible gift will allow us to expand our giving. 100% of donations from this campaign will go to local restaurants. Do you know a restaurant that needs support? Send us your recommendations of those who may need a helping hand.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and comment your restaurant nomination on our posts! 

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ilani BrewFest 2021

ilani BrewFest Feb 19-21, 2021

ilani’s BrewFest fundraiser for NWFS’s Restaurant Reboot program.

NW&FS partnered with ilani to host a BrewFest fundraiser for our Restaurant Reboot program. We had a great time drinking beer, eating local food and enjoying live entertainment!

We are looking forward to partnering again with ilani for more events in the future, so stay tuned!


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