Fox 12 Oregon News Features NWFS’s Restaurant Reboot Summer 2021 Program

Large check from NWFS given to Little Conejo
Little Conejo receives grant from NWFS

Northwest Wine & Food Society’s board members had a BIG day May 5, 2021! They went to five local restaurants in the Vancouver and Portland metro areas in order to hand out the Restaurant Reboot grants in person. The grants are awarded to local restaurants that are trying to overcome the financial struggles brought on by COVID-19. FOX 12 Oregon news interviewed board member Russell Brent about NWFS’s mission. In addition, one of the five Restaurant Reboot grant recipients, Little Conejo, is also featured in the story. Michal Dynes and Mark Wooten co-own the Mexican restaurant located in downtown Vancouver, WA.

Read more about our story and the Restaurant Reboot Program here:

“This is going to give us the chance to do some maintenance repairs and stuff, but a big portion of it is going to go to a staff party and we’re really excited about that. Just kind of saying thank you to the crew for grinding it out for the last year and a half.”

Michal Dynes, co-owner of Little Conejo.

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